A Tribute to Little Milo. With loaded words like God.

January 31, 2013
So we are all eagerly waiting for a toy for little Milo coming from Amazon. It is a puzzle ball, made of clear plastic, with holes on top and bottom, holes big enough to insert treats and a network of red plastic passageways inside. So you put the treat in and watch little Milo (rip the plastic to shreds) figure out how to get the treat out by moving the ball backwards and forwards, the treat eventually falling from one passageway to another and finally coming out one of the holes, the whole process keeping Milo entertained for hours on end while we watch marveling about the prodigious IQ of our little mutt - or so we hope. But that's not what's important. The important thing is the analogy: imagine 'god' is whosoever is standing with the ball holding the treat and imagine the little dog trying to work out the problem is you and me, as we go on with our daily lives, working out our daily problems, will I pass the test, will my song resonate,with anyone, will I, will I. Imagine that god stands there watching you trying to tease the treat out, all the time knowing that there is an endless supply of treats, a bag of treats and countless more bags full of those treats, both the process, the conundrum, and the reward and nothing, not one of those problems worth getting your panties up in a tizzy about.

UPDATE: the ball with the puzzle inside arrived. Milo sniffed it two and a half times, lost interest and went to sleep.