Saturday 4:27AM

Saturday 4:27AM: 'OH. MY. GOD!!!!! [Squeal, squeal, squeal!!! Unintelligible gibberish, laughter, squeal!] ...OH. MY. GOD!!!!' [Squeal, squeal, squeal, laughter, more laughter and more squealing].

And this is, presumably, 4 girls or 44 girls in the hallway of our beautiful hotel in San Francisco, doing a very accurate rendition of an elephant stampede. They finally go into their room, and the stampede quiets down, kind of.

Sunday, 7:27AM: Knock knock. Girl, still drunk, totally asleep, answers the door: 'Yes?' she says through bloodshot eyes. And we say: 'Are you guys OK? We were worried last night because it was so loud. We were going to check in on you last night but decided not to, since it was so late.'

But we don't. Talking about it though, makes us squeal with laughter as we walk down the hallway of our beautiful hotel in San Francisco.


When we're on a plane and they hand out those little plates with mixed nuts, there's always one or two (and only one or two) pistachios to be had in the riot of other nuts. I always go for those first and they are the best. And she hunts for her pistachios and finds them and one by one she places them on my plate. And those are even better.

Science can't explain

Science can't explain many things: Why are we here. What is the age of the universe minus one second. If the universe is expanding, what is it expanding into. Your fingernail - what is the smallest nano particle that makes up your fingernail. And - crucially - why does Superman wear his briefs - red ones no less - outside his tights.

It would seem then, that for everything that science can't explain, we have a choice to make. Just saying.